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Copenhagen Maker Festival presents the RESPONSIBLE Design Market 2019 - a programme aimed at making design, production and consumption more sustainable in collaboration with European talent in the maker and design community.

“Design isn’t just about style. It’s about integrity of materials, functional integrity, and intent in dialogue between designers, engineers, manufacturers and users. Sustainable production and consumption starts with a responsible design practice”

Today, most products we buy travel thousands of kilometers before we can enjoy them. They are assembled in super-sized factories out of materials that often have to travel long distances before reaching the factory. These factories turn out mass-produced, highly standardized products, which leaves no room for individual needs or the use of local resources. What if we could change this system? Reduce the ecological footprint of products, democratize the access to quality design and expand the market for designers, makers and manufacturers?

Over the summer 2019 we will work with 10 emerging creatives on implementing responsibility in their design ideas through residencies with a culminating expo and workshops on how to make almost anything sustainably.


Responsible Design Market Projects


Responsible Design Market Residents


Background - The Distributed Design Market Platform

With the coming of a more digitized world the way we design, produce and buy products has changed. A global movement of locally based designers focused on good design, smart manufacturing and quality goods is emerging along with a new type of consumer wanting to connect with the products they own. This paves the way for distributed design.

A distributed design approach enables new types of designers and emerging local markets all connected to a global marketplace of digital platforms, manufacturing spaces, and skilled makers.. The emergence of Industry 4.0, the global shift away from Fossil Fuels, climate change and overconsumption have raised questions about the nature and culture of the products we buy. Through Distributed Design Market Platform we are researching and developing alternatives to mass-production and the linear consumption models of Industrialisation. We focus on the movement of data, use of local material supply chains and digital fabrication as an alternative to the movement of materials and goods from production to consumer. This system can provide consumers more control over their final products by allowing them a voice in the design and production process.

The Distributed Design Market is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Read more about the project here: http://distributeddesign.eu/

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