Copenhagen Maker Festival is part of the new Respond Festival exploring the future of technology in solving global ecological, democratic and social challenges under the headline “People, Planet, and Technology”. The Festival is organized by the Danish Engineers’ Association, IDA and takes place June 6-8 2019 at Ingeniørernes Hus, Kalvebod Brygge 31.

We present two program activities:

6-7/6/19: a Distributed Design Exhibition and panel discussion on the future of value creation and distributed design in collaboration with the Danish Design Centre, Underbroen and Index:Design to Improve Life

7/6/19: a workshop on the future of plastic in a circular economy, in collaboration with Von Plast

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With the Distributed Design Exhibition we celebrate, promote and showcase the concept of distributed design and local manufacturing through 10 amazing designs.

We have invited local and European designers and makers to showcase their designs and let the festival guests dive into the concept of distributed design, experience beautiful and forward thinking designs and learn more about this global trend based on distributability, sustainability and globally linked design communities.

All designs have been produced locally in Underbroen and betaFACTORY as a embodiment of globally connected design, the ability to move data (and not products) and local manufacturing.

The Exhibition is part of the Distributed Design Market Platform (DDMP) that want to change the system by reducing the ecological footprint of products, raise the democratic access to quality design and expand markets for new types of emerging designers, makers and manufacturers that take responsibility.

The Distributed Design Market Platform is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Read more about the project here:



This panel of distributed design thinkers and doers will dive into the deeper philosophical side of the theme of distributed practices and decentralization technologies by discussing what dynamics drive a transformation towards distributed models for value creation – other than technology.

Pointers could for instance lie in cultural shifting towards more collaborative norms, a massive global push towards tackling climate change, gradual transgression from physical ownership of assets towards digital access, a growing megatrend of open source driving new forms of hyperinnovation, etc.

The panel will be charged with reflecting over the opportunities as well as the pitfalls of this emerging trends, and ask how do you build communities of co-creators around your idea, product or service? Is distributed design open source by default – or maybe not?



In collaboration with Von Plast

Take part in an inspiring, creative and fun workshop targeting the global plastic challenge. The local startup Von Plast will teach you how to create beautiful products out of 100% recycled plastic and show the way to a more sustainable and circular future.

You can see and try some of Von Plast’s homemade open source machines that they have build and make your own small products to bring home. Von Plast has worked with plastic waste since 2018, and are experts in re-molding and designing new products that gives plastic new value and extend the life cycle. They a driven by a wish to teach people about the plastic pollution problem and how to work with plastic as a resource instead of trash.

Together with Von Plast, we have established a consortium of stakeholders who collaborate on the development and test of a closed material loop for plastic in Copenhagen. The challenge is to reprocess plastic waste into a new high-quality material that can then be redesigned and reproduced into beautiful and meaningful consumer products. The project is called Design For Circular Economy and is part of a larger EU-funded research and innovation project SISCODE.