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With the coming of a more digitized world the way we design, produce and buy products has changed. A global movement of locally based designers focused on good design, smart manufacturing and quality goods is emerging along with a new type of customer wanting to connect with the products they own. This paves the way for distributed design.

Working with digital platforms and fabrication technologies, these designers not only produce their own designs but produce, co-design and distribute them to be manufactured in fablabs and makerspaces worldwide or by the end users themselves, using local materials in small batches and adapted to the needs of the user.

A distributed design approach enables new types of designers and emerging local markets all connected to a global marketplace of digital platforms, manufacturing spaces, and skilled makers.


At Copenhagen Maker Festival we want to dive into the potentials of Distributed Design.

We do this by presenting you with ten upcoming and forward-looking designers, all working with digital platforms and manufacturing as part of their business model. You will find the designers in the Distributed Design Market area at Copenhagen Maker Festival, where they will showcase and demonstrate their prototypes, and some of them hist hands-on workshops on how to reproduce their goods.


The Designs

Dawn. Designer: Sarah Martet

A multi functional leather apron that can quickly switch into a bag at the end of your day. Dawn is both a tool as well as a toolbox and designed to create as little material waste as possible.

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Honey I'm Home. Designer: Jonathan Meier

A do-it-yourself birdhouse that gives you noticifation when there are birds in the nest. A fun way to engage children and young ones, and is a great design for a common school project, or the bird-curious family.


BLINKENBIKE. Designer: Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

An inspiring build-a-bike concept for children, and a design that takes a traditional balance bike to a higher level of co-design and involvement. It isn’t just a bike, but a toy and building kit, that the end user can transform into a series of designs.


Wilder. Designer: Emil Holck Reimert

A flat pack table based on a stream lined concept. Produced using the CNC mill, and made from a single plywood board, Wilder is designed for zero waster and fast assembly.


3D Printed Beehives. Designer: Asya Ilgün

An experimental design and architectural beehive that is made using 3D configuration. An inspiring design that challenges the architectural boundaries that support the duality of human/nature occupancy.


Mushroom Home Farm. Designer: Mamotok

A design that lets you grow a variety of mushrooms right in the comfort of your home + an online platform. A beautiful and intuitive way of sourcing and growing mushrooms that brings a piece of the forest into your kitchen.


Hungry Robot. Designer: EunChan Park

A robot based on a 3D-printed body and arduino-based hardware and sensors. A creative design, and hungry coin-eating robot. that invites the user into the center of making.


Please Fold Me. Designer: Mette Sønderriis

A textile design and print concept that creates beautiful lines in various textile folding patterns. The design is currently developed for four different patterns, and will be tested and prototyped on more patterns, textiles and printing techniques.


GameBoks. Designers: GameBoks IVS

A smart design and stylish case to make gaming setups portable. Designed to carry a portable game console, equipment and with a built in screen, this design gives added mobility to gamers all over the world.

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ChipChop. Designer: ChipChop

A digital platform software script and design concept that involves people from around the world hands-on in co-designing their own furniture for local production.


The Designers


Who is behind? 

The Distributed Design Market is presented by the Distributed Design Market Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Read more about the project here: http://distributeddesign.eu/