Reinvent the Cities of our Future

How can we, the dwellers and everyday co-creators of our city, become activists in the transformation towards more sustainable cities, starting with our own lives? Join us in the exploration of sustainable cities where the creative inventors and responsible minds of Copenhagen’s maker communities unfold an engaging program on the future of living, producing and creating.

WHEN? October 11, 17.30-23.00 (Culture Night)

WHERE? Underbroen, Christians Brygge 31, Kbh K

TICKETS? Not needed. The more the merrier. However, we have a max capacity on 50 ppl for the Maker Meet Ups


Hands-on workshops for you to take part in. Get inspired on how to Live Like Tomorrow in workshops on recycling, upcycling and producing your own goods. Bring your family along to Play Like Tomorrow with technology, biology and inventions. Become inspired by the many ideas and inventions on how to solve local and global challenges through creative design, new urban production systems and collaboration. We welcome families with children and everyone else who likes to get their hands dirty.


18:00-20:00: Cities and Circular Economy

How can cities become zero-waste organisms that turn every piece of waste into new valuable material? Join us at this Maker Meet Up on how to create circular zero-waste cities when we look into the challenges and potentials in existing and future solutions in Copenhagen, and discuss how we, from city level to single household, are part of the waste reuse and recycling in our city. We will present speakers working with circular economy, waste management and innovation, inspiring initiatives, and host an open discussion on how to design a city for circular economy.


Kate is the communications lead at Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC where she also articulates the community and communications of the Fab City Global Initiative.

Kate will discuss the Fab City Global Initiative’s approach to circularity, climate action and sustainability in cities through the multi-scale method, the Fab City Full Stack, which engages a top-down, bottom-up approach to scale up making to city-level and connects local productivity to a global network of collaborators.

øystein leonardsen-01.png

Øystein has been engaged in urban and regional planning for the past 30 years. Since 2015 he has been engaged in developing the urban and commercial life in the South Harbour in Copenhagen.

Based on his experiences in the South Harbour and from organizing living labs focused on testing strategies toward circular economy. Øystein will discuss the local living lab as a concept and the potentials for the transition into circular economy systems.

martin tilsted-01.png

Martin is an expert on sustainable transition of products and services and is currently working on the Horizon 2020 projects FORCE and CIRcUIT, and previously on the LIFE+ project Plastic Zero focusing on plastic waste prevention and recycling.

Martin will speak about initiatives in circular construction in the City of Copenhagen, including the CIRcUIT project, where partners from four European cities will gather insights and do experimentations on the built environment and circular economy.


20:30-22:30: Living Like Tomorrow

How can we stop the spiral of building, buying and throwing away? And how will local and global sustainability efforts affect the way we buy, own and live? Join us at this Maker Meet Up on sustainable urban living and consumption where we will look into scenarios, solutions, trends and the necessity to change our existing ways. We present a series of speakers that will share their ideas and insights on how cities will be organized in the future, how we live, own and consume.


Aleksander is an architect educated from KADK in 2018, now working at 3XN/GXN. Aleksander has a special interest in architecture and extreme environments.

Aleksander will do a talk on the coming transformation of our understanding of materials. His presentation will be based on GXN’s approach to architecture and its workflows. Aleksander will dive into specific cases and present physical material samples that pave the way for new possibilities strategies within circular building principles.


Tobias is the founder of GreenKayak, an NGO that started out as “Miljøkajakken” back in 2017. Since then, GreenKayak has spread to 10 cities in five European countries.

Green Kayak is an environmental NGO with the aim to reduce the amount of waste in the aquatic environment. They work to provide a chance for as many people as possible to actively engage in the fight against environmental pollution by letting citizens paddle the GreenKayaks for free.


Andreas is an architect, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Von Plast - Copenhagen’s plastic recycling startup. He is also the initiator of Copenhagen’s future circular design lab; CIDE Lab.

Andreas will do an inspiring presentation on recycling plastics and other materials, at small and large scale. Inspired by the Fab City Agenda, he will present a way for us to experiment with material innovation at city level and circulate all materials used us Copenhagen, leading to a zero-waste community.


Asger is the Community Manager at Underbroen, Copenhagen’s experimental workshops for local and urban production.

Asger is also the project manager of PIPO (Plastic-In Plastic-Out), a Horizon2020 research project funded by the European Union with the ambition to create a closed loop and full functions local ecosystem for the local sourcing, recycling, and use of plastics in Copenhagen. Asger will share the findings and plans of the coming months of piloting the PIPO system.


Kamila is originally for Brazil. She holds a BSc. in Industrial Design and MSc. in Materials Engineering, specialized in plastics. Kamila is also the CEO and co-Founder of BlueBenu, a Danish startup working on reverse engineering unrecyclable plastic waste.

Kamila will discuss the problem of plastic waste, the current market solutions available and the possibilities of creating a circular economy that actively helps to fight global plastic pollution, Furthermore, she will present the work of BlueBenu.


Re-Make the City is part of the official C40 Mayors Summit Citizen Programme “Live Like Tomorrow” and realized with funding from Københavns Kommune and Realdania.


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